Crucial Elements to Think About Before Using a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is a big step that may significantly impact your work and personal life if you give it some thought and make the appropriate choice. To select the ideal virtual assistant, you need to do more than just hit a button and then step back. If you’re a company owner looking to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines for the first time, you could encounter some difficulties along the way.

According to wage aggregation site Payscale research, the average hourly compensation of virtual assistants in the Philippines is about 177.35, or around AUD 5 an hour. This is even though restrictions on paying freelancers and virtual labour are pretty lax. Don’t lose hope; this article can give you some solid advice on the most important considerations before you engage a virtual assistant. This article won’t magically make you an expert, but it should make finding what you need more straightforward and faster. First, try to figure out why you want to hire a virtual assistant.

What Do You Want to Achieve With Your Company?

If you’re serious about employing a virtual assistant, you need to have a crystal-clear picture of your business’s end aim and what you anticipate from the relationship. You may use these to determine what kind of assistant you need, not only in terms of their professional qualifications but also their character traits, which can significantly impact your company’s success. If expanding your business is your top priority, you may want to look for a business partner with an entrepreneurial spirit, a flair for taking the initiative, and a wealth of relevant experience.

Abilities and Expertise

The next critical step is to consider the expertise and experience level you want your VA to have. When sketching this out, remember the fundamental roles you intend to assign. For example, if you own a web design company, you may need a virtual assistant with strong technical skills. Having an assistant who is well-versed in your field is helpful since it prevents you from having to spend time explaining the ins and outs of your business, something you will indeed dislike doing. A resume is needed at this time. The fact that they would be working remotely is no excuse for not having a solid CV prepared. Unfortunately, virtual assistants have become standard practice to provide social proof in place of a résumé.

Visit sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer to find freelancers that can help you with this. You may just type in some relevant terms for your sector, and a big list of freelancers that meet your criteria will appear. It’s a good idea to research their relevant areas of expertise, previous clientele, and testimonials. Using this method, you can determine whether they have the necessary talents and if your needs are a good fit. In addition, your work will be handled with the utmost care since these outsourcing companies adhere to strict guidelines. Avoid hiring a virtual assistant from sketchy websites if you’re interested in learning more about virtual office spaces.


The practice of sitting down with a cup of coffee in the morning should be a pleasant one. The assistance of your assistant may be necessary, though, if you are so overwhelmed by worry that you never get to experience the joys that life offers. If you’re struggling to keep your firm afloat and are losing money, you should hire a virtual assistant in the Phillippines. When the day is over, you should feel proud of having successfully delegated all those tedious responsibilities.

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