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Don’t Brush It Under the Carpet

Despite the stigma associated with mental health, we all know someone who struggles with it. Because it is a taboo topic, it is kept under the rug. Even serious cases, like those involving violent crimes, make mental illness a scapegoat, with accused murderers not even having a history of mental illness. Borderline Personality Disorder is the most common lethal diagnosis. But why is mental health brushed below the carpet? bundlenews

The campaign, ‘Don’t Brush It Under the Carpet’, aims to raise awareness of mental health issues among older people. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the issue among those concerned, including health workers, carers, and family members. Statistics show that older people who self-harm have a 67-fold increased risk of suicide than the general older population. And it’s not just older people – anyone can be affected by mental health problems.

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The Indian government is working hard to change this mindset, and there is no shortage of hope that it will happen. While mental health problems don’t cure themselves, proper medication and counselling can help those suffering from them to overcome their conditions. And it can all start with a simple conversation. But before we can change the mindset of those who suffer from mental illness, we need to address the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

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