How Can I Know the Manufacturing Date of Samsung Phones?

To find out the manufacturing date of your Samsung phone, visit its service menu. You’ll find the manufacturing date code in the hardware version and software version. You can also find this information by reading the cal data of the phone. Some devices respond to the dialer code “*#197328640#*”.

Besides the IMEI number, Samsung phones have a serial number. This code is a 15-character code that identifies a particular device. By using it, you can find out the date the phone was manufactured and how it was assembled. This information is also available for service centers to check the devices and handle quality complaints. Samsung phones can be identified by their serial numbers. The serial number also provides information about the device family and assembly shop.

Samsung phones are manufactured in several different countries. In fact, one factory in China makes 80% of all Samsung smartphones. The other factories in Vietnam produce only a small portion of the products. However, they are very efficient in producing smartphones. Samsung has two factories in Vietnam and is adding a third one there soon. These factories produce 120 million units annually. As a result, they produce most of Samsung’s global supply.

A manufacturing code may not be present on your phone. However, some manufacturers include it on the package. Motorola phones, for example, have a sticker on their boxes that states the manufacturing date. Look for the IMEI number on the sticker and match it with the one on the phone. If both numbers match, then the phone was manufactured within the year 2022. But some manufacturers don’t provide this information.

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