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How Social Media Became So Popular

Social media has many uses, including networking and connecting with other people in your industry. It can also help businesses reach a large audience, and can provide information not available through search engines. For example, a social network can tell you about a person’s interests and their location. You can use this information to improve your business or service. And with the growth of social media, there are more benefits to the business community than ever.

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Social media platforms have become ubiquitous thanks to their user interface. Facebook was originally limited to elite North American universities, but it was gradually rolled out to global campuses and eventually high school students and adults. Facebook benefited from the’scarcity heuristic’ to increase its popularity. New services generally begin life with ‘invite only’ messages. Marketing departments are attempting to create publicity for their new services, and the lack of public access increases the appeal of the service.

Although social media officially emerged in 1997, its roots can be traced back to the blogosphere. Blogs enabled users to post directly to the internet, eliminating the need for third-party feedback. The evolution of social media sites continued with the introduction of MySpace and Facebook, along with other popular sites. Eventually, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flickr took the lead in social media. Whether you’re a student, a business owner, or a professional, social media can be an essential part of your life.

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