How to restore dehydrated skin

Rough, itchy, flaky skin problems. Many people may think that it is a symptom of dry skin, but it can actually be caused by dehydrated skin as well. will encounter many problems. Dehydrated skin and dry skin are similar, but their care is completely different. In addition, the skin is dehydrated. There are also dehydrated dry skin and dehydrated oily skin as well. What is the difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin? Is there a way to restore the skin to be smooth, soft, moist and pleasant to the touch? What is good for dehydrated skin? This article has the answer.

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What is ‘dehydrated skin’ and ‘dry skin’ and how does it happen? how different

Dry skin is a type of skin or appearance of the skin that is congenital. Each person has a different skin condition. depending on the function of the sebaceous glands under the skin

– Dry skin is caused by The sebaceous glands that produce less oil than normal. The skin is not enough to nourish the skin. Little moisture retention When the body lacks moisture Will cause dry skin, skin tightness, itching, flaky peeling, weakness and sensitive skin. therefore causing wrinkles more easily than normal skin

– Dehydrated skin is a skin condition. It is a skin that has less water under the skin. Dehydration can occur on all skin types. Whether dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, can suffer from dehydrated skin problems. including dehydrated skin as well

– Dehydrated skin is caused by The top layer of skin producing less keratin. This keratin is responsible for retaining water to the skin. When the body produces less keratin The skin therefore loses moisture and is easily irritated. In addition, the cause of dehydrated skin Can also be caused by the lifestyle of each person, such as drinking less water. not getting enough sleep, drinking alcohol, working or living in an air-conditioned room, etc.

The difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin

Dehydrated and dry skin They are so similar that many people think that they are the same skin problem, but they are actually different. That is, dehydrated skin will have both dry and oily skin in one day, such as after washing your face, dry and tight skin. But after a while it came back again. There are symptoms such as dehydrated skin, while the skin is dry. There will be dryness throughout the day. The oiliness on the skin does not increase. but will decrease with age

Dehydrated skin in each facial feature

dry skin

For people with skin type When the skin is dehydrated, there will still be a lot of oil coming out of the skin, but less than that of oily or combination skin. Make it not as oily as it is called “dehydrated dry skin” will have roughness, dry skin, coarse, flaky peeling, a chance of burning, itching easily.

oily skin

For people with skin type ‘A person with oily skin’ when there is a problem of dehydration. It will cause the skin to produce more oil to compensate than usual. It is called “dehydrated oily skin”. not smooth It may be caused by washing your face too often. Trying to get rid of it too much Does not add moisture to the skin until causing the sebaceous glands to accelerate the production of more oil than before mismanagement, etc.

combination skin

For people with combination skin type, dehydration will be similar to those with oily skin, but will have oily, dehydrated skin, focusing on the forehead, nose and chin or on the T-zone more than others. Other areas may have peeling, dry, inflamed skin like dry, dehydrated skin.

How to tell if your skin is dehydrated / dry or not?

dehydrated skin

– The skin is oily. but under dry, rough skin

– easily irritated skin skin feeling unhealthy

– Both dry and oily skin at the same time

– no makeup Cosmetics do not enter the face. have dehydrated skin

– have acne problems

– Dull skin

dry skin

– Skin feels dry and tight, especially after taking a shower

– Rough skin, see streaks, look shabby

– Rub the skin and feel it’s rough not soft and smooth

– Skin that is easily irritated, with redness, flaky peeling

– Itching on the skin

How to take care of dehydrated skin?

  1. Adjust daily lifestyle habits such as drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and getting enough rest. Minimize or refrain from fatty, fried foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Because these are all skin damage. causing the skin to be imbalanced, etc.
  2. Take care of your face properly. Avoid scrubbing vigorously, avoiding the use of face washes that make your face too dry and creaky.
  3. Nourish your skin with skin care. that has the ability to add water to the face, such as a cream containing hyaluronic acid that has small molecules to penetrate every layer of the skin, etc.

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