What Can Teachers Do to Improve the Education System?

The main question that many parents have is, “What can teachers do to improve the education system?” Besides the obvious reform of the curriculum, teachers must also adjust the teaching methods they use. Teachers must keep their lessons relevant and implement the most recent teaching methods, while also ensuring that parents are engaged and supportive. In addition, teachers must be more open to communication with parents so that they can provide the best possible education for their students. Finally, teachers must get to know their students and integrate their interests and hobbies into the classroom.

The first step is focusing on teacher funding. Overcrowded schools cause students to drop out and teachers to be overworked. To combat overcrowding, policy makers must focus on raising standards and funding teachers in low-income areas. The quality of teaching is often low in these areas, and this can negatively affect student achievement. In order to prevent this from happening, policy makers must collaborate with school officials and students to retain teachers. When schools have better teaching quality, students will benefit from it.

Another solution is to change teacher accountability systems. Most teachers are not held to reasonable standards and are forced to prepare students for tests instead of teaching them the skills to succeed in life. As a result, the accountability movement often uses standardized tests as a punishment for bad teaching. Furthermore, it also undermines the idea of free public schools in America, since teachers often stay in a school district for decades. A simple fix for this is to rotate teachers every five years.

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