Who can use the everlasting comfort bath pillow? 

If you’ve stumbled upon this article on who can use bath pillows for tub, you are absolutely in need of some rest and rejuvenation – or you may be shopping for someone who is deserving of a relaxing moment. Bath tubs weren’t made with relaxation in mind. As you know, many ceramic tubs are painful to rest on, so bathtub pillows with a headrest made of soft foam to support your back and neck can be a solution to this problem. Baths are therapeutic for many reasons including giving yourself a few minutes of peace, soothing sore muscles, cleaning up after a dirty day at work, enjoying a homemade bath fizzy, or soothing dry and damaged skin. So, who can use the everlasting comfort bath pillow? The short answer: EVERYBODY! But here are a few examples:

New Parents

Welcoming a life into the world sure is beautiful, but a sudden change in routine and caring for a tiny human sure is stressful. New parents are often way behind on sleep and forget to take time to care for themselves because they get so caught up in doing what is best for their young child. Forgetting to care for yourself doesn’t make you a bad parent, in fact it’s a very normal phenomenon. Investing in an everlasting comfort bath pillow can help remind you to take a moment for yourself. You’ll likely look forward to the few minutes you spend soaking in the tub once you buy a comfy bath pillow. There’s only comfort to look forward to when you invest in a bath pillow. There’s really nothing to lose when investing in yourself.


Just because you train your body to perform under pressure doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a relaxing bath accompanied by a comfortable bath pillow. Go ahead. Fill your tub with warm water, dissolve in the lavender scented epsom salt, and let those sore muscles melt away as you lean back into your soft, luxurious, game changing bath pillow. Even if you’re not aching from a hard workout, this is still a great place to decompress after games or competitions. Sporting events can take a toll on an athlete’s mind and body, and a bath is a wonderful space to wash away your worries – literally. Meditation is a great tool for athletes, so why not begin practicing by meditating in the shower? There’s no harm in flexing your mental toughness while you rest your body. It can only make you a stronger athlete.

Construction Workers

Construction is one of the hardest industries on the body. Workers are laboring for long hours, often exposed to the elements like the sun and harsh temperatures. After a long day at the worksite, nothing is more relaxing than cleaning up and spending a few moments practicing self care. Without regular self care, the bodies of construction workers would soon fail them. This is why it’s encouraged that construction workers – or any other laborer – invest in an everlasting comfort bath pillow. Soothe painful joints, irritated skin, and relax your mind as you wash away the grime and grit that your skin has accumulated.

Bath Fizzy Enthusiasts 

It’s no secret why bath fizzies have become all the rage in the last few years. They’re easy to gift, tons of fun to use, smell great, and offer up an opportunity to take a very relaxing bath. As stated earlier, bath tubs were not designed with the comfort of the bather in mind. Many people experience spinal pain and neck cramps when they try to partake in a bath. This can be alleviated by investing in an everlasting comfort bath pillow. This product features strong suction cups on the back of the bath pillow that can fit any type of tub, spa, or jacuzzi and stick on strong. Enjoy your bath in peace knowing that the suction cups were designed to prevent slippage while in use. For people who use bath bombs often, a pillow is likely to be a welcome addition to their bathtime routine. No more sore necks and uncomfortable back pain while trying to enjoy a luxurious bathing experience.

People with Dry Skin

If you or someone you know suffers with dry skin, then you are likely very familiar with the benefits of an oatmeal bath. If you don’t, colloidal oatmeal binds to your skin and forms a protective barrier. It also helps hold in moisture and ease inflammation. If that isn’t enough, it cleans your skin, too. People have bathed in it for centuries to ease dry, irritated, or damaged skin. Step up your soothing bath game with the everlasting comfort bath pillow that will bring you extra comfort as you soak away your scaly skin. An added benefit to using a bathtub pillow is that it can hold your tub accessories like a waterproof reading device or loofah.

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