Why is Information Technology So Important in Today’s Society?

If you want to know why women have longer hair than men, consider the history of this custom. Before the mid-18th century, men generally had longer hair than women. From then on, long hair has been seen as a womanly asset. Long hair is a visual sign of health, and men like women with long hair. Evolutionary psychology says that men prefer women who are physically strong and young. Long hair may have evolved as a visual cue of fecundity, and a sign of sexual prowess.

The movement of long hair produces waves of the energy Tejtattva. These waves are a powerful way to protect a woman against the effects of the Patal (Raja-Tama) component. This is the same reason why Hindu Dharma says women should keep their hair long. It reflects their devotion to their religion and their physical beauty. Long hair also gives women a humble appearance and protects them from negative energy.

Hair length is a personal choice, but there are also many factors that influence a woman’s decision to keep it long. While it is true that a woman’s face shape plays a big role in her decision, it is a common misconception that a long hairstyle looks good on every woman. Short hair, on the other hand, will not suit all women. It may even make them uncomfortable in warm climates. Latest website: newspaperworlds

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